Mattingly Charities


Mattingly Charities is a nonprofit organization and was founded in 2007 in North Haven, CT.  The original mission of the charity was to provide funding for baseball/softball equipment and other youth development services for the benefit of underprivileged youth.

Mattingly Charities moved its headquarters in 2015 to Evansville, IN, Don and Lori Mattingly's hometown, based on their desire to help underserved children in the Evansville area.

In recent years, Mattingly Charities has expanded their focus from solely athletic programs to also include support for educational and social development programs. 

We partner with a number of Evansville organizations whose mission aligns with ours, to fund programs/projects which provide youth athletics, education, and social development in underserved areas of the Evansville community.  100% of the efforts of Mattingly Charities is focused on these activities.

Lori and I both realize our foundation came from our childhood experiences in Evansville, the place we are proud to call our home. Our goal is to continue to establish and support programs for children where there is an unmet need. Continuing to grow the outreach of Mattingly Charities will require a strong commitment on our part along with the collaboration of the many organizations from the Evansville community. None of this could happen without the support of our many friends and family. --Don Mattingly

About Don Mattingly 

Photo courtesy of the Miami Marlins 

Born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, Don Mattingly played his entire 14-year Major League career from 1982-95 with the New York Yankees.  Currently, Don is the manager of the Miami Marlins. 


2016 - Present: Miami Marlins Manager 
2011-2015: Los Angeles Dodgers Manager 
2008- 2010: Los Angeles Dodgers Hitting Coach 
2007: New York Yankees Bench Coach 
2004-2006: New York Yankees Hitting Coach 
1997 New York Yankees Retired #23 
6x All-Star 
9X Gold Glove Award Winner 
3X Silver Slugger Award Winner 
1985 AL MVP 
1984 AL Batting Champ